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Denture Relines in Edmonton

You may have dentures that don't need repair, but just needs to be customized. With your comfort and confidence in mind, Schaefer Denture Clinic in Edmonton offers comprehensive denture relines and copy services. Once the teeth in the mouth are removed or lost, the bone that is surrounding the teeth changes. The amount of bone you have left indicates how difficult it will be to wear dentures, where more bone allows for a better fit. A healthy tooth or tight-fitting denture will keep the bone nice and healthy, which slows the rate at which bone is lost. Relining is needed when bone and tissues shrinks while changing the fit of your dentures. During the process new base material is added to the tissue side of a denture so that it fits properly. Such a treatment can restore your dentures to a “like new fit” by affecting the fit of your denture and not change its appearance.

Resorption of oral tissue leads to bone and tissue changes that can be because of:

  • Weight loss
  • Loss of teeth
  • Bone loss in upper or lower jaw
  • Illness
  • General physiological aging

An unhealthy tooth or denture that hasn’t been relined in one to two years causes damage to the gum and bone, which leads to destruction of the underlying bone. Bone changes quite drastically every year or so implying after wearing your denture for one to two years, it will no longer fit as tightly as possible and may cause damage to bone. Even if the dentures are fine, the movement and bone loss may happen on a microscopic level. In every one-two years, relines are covered by insurance companies. They would not cover the treatment if they did not understand the importance. After wearing a denture for around 5 years, the teeth will get so worn down that the whole denture will have to be replaced. Wearing the same denture for over 5 years can cause damage not only to the gums and bone but also to the jaw and facial muscles.


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